The Mississippi Democratic Party certified the August 4 first primary election results on August 13. August 25 runoffs are listed in the attached letter.

—-Text of Letter—

The Honorable Delbert Hosemann Secretary of State State of Mississippi Heber Ladner Building Jackson, Mississippi 39201

Dear Secretary Hosemann,

Attached, please find a spreadsheet of the election returns for the August 4, 2015 Democratic Primary. I, Rickey L. Cole, Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party State Executive Committee, do hereby certify that, on a majority vote of the Mississippi Democratic Party State Executive Committee, these vote totals for each county and for each candidate are the official vote totals for the election reflected therein.

We will have runoff elections in the following races on Tuesday, August 25, 2015:

TRANSPORTATION COMMISSIONER (District 1) Robert Amos vs. Mary H. Coleman

SENATE DISTRICT 34 Juan Barnett vs. Trey Chinn

SENATE DISTRICT 38 Angela Baker Brooks vs. Tammy Felder Witherspoon

HOUSE DISTRICT 27 Leroy Lacy vs. Kenneth Walker

HOUSE DISTRICT 30 Robert E. Huddleston vs. Lester Williams

HOUSE DISTRICT 36 Jimmy Davidson vs. Karl Malinski Gibbs

HOUSE DISTRICT 42 Eugene Crosby vs. Carl L. Mickens

HOUSE DISTRICT 70 Samuel Lee Begley vs. Kathy Sykes


Rickey L. Cole