Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Director Sam Hall attempted to emerge from three months of personal blogging obscurity yesterday with a rather snarky post directed at yours truly. His tortured logic basically seemed to infer that since YP had placed a video of Glenn Beck attacking Thad Cochran (which he assumed we somehow agreed with) AND since we posted a story about the TEA Party on the Coast this past weekend (which we neither commented on nor attended) AND that there were folks at said TEA Party with impeach Thad Cochran signs that THEREFORE we were making some distinction about who could criticize Thad Cochran on votes.

Now, if you can follow that, you are likely a candidate for the Executive Director of the MS Democratic Party. If anyone’s interested in the spot, history says that all one needs to do is wait 18 months or so.

That being said, Hall comes off a several month hiatus from personal blogging given the fact that his selection to the MS Democratic Party was, shall we say, less than smooth. In fact, Hall’s selection as Executive Director over Ike Brown triggered a no-holds-barred fight split vividly along racial lines. Ike Brown if you’ll remember was found by the Justice Department to have engaged in racial discrimination in Noxubee County.

Now, YallPolitics has a storied history of allowing people in the political realm to “beclown” themselves, particularly on the liberal side of the fence. If Hall wants to toe the line, we’ll certainly give him a microphone and a red clown nose to match.

In fact, let’s do that now.

In 2003, Hall said in his own words . . .

For one, it is clear the Democratic Party leadership in Mississippi has fallen out of touch with some of their bread-and-butter elected officials.

Then he said . . .

But so long as the trial lawyer lobby in Mississippi continues to control the Democratic leadership, conservative Democrats will only find allies in Republicans.

That’s all well and good . . . except for the fact that his boss, Jamie Franks, who is Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party is indeed a trial lawyer. Whoops! I’ll bet that’s one you wish you had back. In fact, if memory serves, Franks got $35,000 in 2007 for his unsuccessful bid for Lt. Governor from now convicted and jailed trial lawyer Joey Langston alone.

Sam, if you want to pick a blog fight, let’s roll. We’ve had over 17,000 posts in the 5 years we’ve been doing this. We certainly don’t agree with EVERYTHING we post. Somethings we post are just things that are either newsworthy and some are just things we like to make fun of . . . like some of your press releases. Candidly, I would think that if the Executive Director of the Democratic Party can’t get media attention, there are larger problems, but if that’s the issue you might also consider copying YallPolitics on your press releases. After about a dozen requests through two or three different communication directors, I still cannot get those reliably via email.

However, from a professional perspective, I think you’ve got your hands full with the unmitigated chaos that is running the Democrat Party of MS. Last I checked you guys have lost 7 of 8 statewide elected seats in the span of about a decade.