Republican budget cuts education and asks local schools to make up the difference

Today, Brandon Jones, Executive Director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust, joined Democratic members of the House and Senate to highlight the impact of cuts to K-12 education under the 2013 Republican budget. The Republican budget plan, introduced today by Governor Phil Bryant, calls on school districts to contribute $72.9 million of their reserve funds to fill out the state education budget.

Jones said, “The Republican plan for education is simple: punish those school districts that have been prudent with their resources.” Jones added, “During the campaign, Governor Bryant claimed to support full funding for public schools. It is disappointing that his first budget as governor not only fails to provide full funding for our schools but comes in $73 million shy of level funding.”

Rep. Kelvin Buck (D-Holy Springs) (sic) said, “This budget represents a major step backward for Mississippi children. With revenue up $85 million over estimate, it’s irresponsible to make deep cuts to education and ask our local schools to make up the difference.”

MS Democratic Trust Press Release