Criticism of Hood over contracts is hollow

Republicans are continuing to beat up on Attorney General Jim Hood over his use of outside counsel in large cases involving the state. They throw lots of stones and mud and spray lots of smoke, but one fact still remains:

Once again, Hood has complied fully with state law regarding campaign contributions, the reporting of those contributions and with applicable state and federal laws regarding his procurement of legal representation for the state.

Here are two things Republicans and other critics of Hood’s practices should consider:

1. Jim Hood has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for the State of Mississippi from large companies who have either wronged our state or our citizens. He’s done so at a cost well below the average cost for such cases.

2. Jim Hood is not the only one who uses outside counsel. Look at Gov. Haley Barbour and State Auditor Stacey Pickering for starters. Both offices have used outside counsel for various means. Criticize them, why don’t you?

There is nothing about Republican criticism of Attorney General Jim Hood and his use of outside counsel that does not wreak of unabashed political bashing. And everyone knows it.

Sam Hall
MS Democratic Party