Statement of Mississippians for Fair Redistricting on the Senate’s Consideration of the House Redistricting Plan

Statement from MFR Chairman Jim Herring:

Analysis of the redistricting plan passed by House Democrats reveals that it is a flawed incumbent protection plan that fails to pass muster under Mississippi Code Section 5-3-101, and fails to serve the interests of the people of our state.

The House leadership allowed only one day for consideration of an act that will affect our state for more than a decade. With 46% of the entire House voting against the plan, the bottom line is that House Democrats ignored the best interest of the state in their rush to enact a flawed plan.

We urge the Senate to kill the House redistricting plan as soon as possible. The Senate should ignore Speaker McCoy’s ultimatum that the Senate “will not have one thing to say about our business – now or ever,” and reject this unfair plan. The Senate can and must insist that the plan rammed through by the House leadership go back to the drawing board, as the Senate would with any other flawed legislation sent from the House.

The primary problems of the House Democrat plan are the issues of deviation, one man one vote and the overall gerrymandering in the plan. Republican districts were drawn with too many people in them, and Democrat districts were drawn with too few people included. The result is an unfair House plan that deprives high growth areas of additional representation, violates natural boundaries and creates meandering districts that ignore communities of interest.