It’s Tuesday morning, and that means it’s time for our weekly Liberal Democrat Alert.

This week’s Liberal Democrat is Representative Randall Patterson of House District 115.

Randall Patterson has represented portions of Biloxi since 2004, and he’s done his best to fly just under the radar. But when Randall Patterson does surface, he comes up liberal every time.

This week’s feature is on a bill Randall Patterson supported last year, HB 29. Randall Patterson and his liberal colleagues in the House showed their allegiance to the big teacher’s unions by authorizing automatic deductions of union dues from employees.

We saw real, inspiring leadership in Wisconsin this year, when middle-class conservatives stood up to the big unions. Unfortunately, liberal Randall Patterson is on the unions’ side – not ours.

If you or someone you know lives in House District 115 and is ready to take a stand against Liberal Democrat Randall Patterson, contact the Mississippi Republican Party today at 601-948-5191.

You can also help us elect a conservative in House District 115 this November by making a donation to the Mississippi Republican Party. Help us win House District 115 with a generous contribution of $11.50 today. We need your support to elect a Republican majority on November 8 and a Republican Speaker of the House next January.

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