Gov. Bryant Commends Legislature on Funding “Education Works” Package

“I would like to commend the House and Senate for funding the Education Works package today by overwhelming votes in both legislative chambers. This will be the most transformational education act in Mississippi’s history and will help ensure an educated workforce for Mississippi’s future.”

Governor Bryant “Education Works” funding package included:
• 3rd Grade Gate and literacy component appropriated $9.5 million
• Teacher Education Scholarship Program appropriated $1.5 million
• Performance based Compensation Pilot Study appropriated $1.5 million
• Jobs for Mississippi Graduates appropriated $1 million
• Literary Program, Mississippi Building Blocks appropriated $3 million
• LifeTracks, state longitudinal data system appropriated $1.8 million
• Career Tech/National Certification appropriated $250,000
• National Board Certification appropriated $22,600,000
• Professional development for Dyslexia appropriated $300,000
• Teach for America appropriated $6 million