Bryant to Legislature: Remember those tax cuts?

Bryant is pushing for a tax cut for families making $52,000 or less — made it one of his key platform planks for this session. As his letter below indicates, he wants tax cuts for “employers and entrepreneurs” as well.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves has said he wants to “give taxpayers a raise” and will soon unveil a tax cut plan. But in the meantime, this week he called for pumping an extra $110 million — most of the “extra” revenue the state expects to have — into public education.

House Speaker Philip Gunn has kept his powder dry — hasn’t publicly announced or supported a tax cut plan.

Serious budget negotiations haven’t started — that comes later in the session — but Bryant’s income tax cut hasn’t garnered much discussion so far from lawmakers. With a $79 million price tag, one would figure it would already be a topic of discussion if it were a done deal.

Clarion Ledger