Bryant on mending the rip in the state Republican Party

“To draw on a sentiment from Mark Twain, reports of the demise of the Republican Party have been greatly exaggerated. Ours is the party of liberty and individual freedom, and it is those things that unite all Republicans. I identify with many of the strong, conservative principles held dear by members of our Party, and I am proud to be called ‘the first tea party governor’. Embracing these beliefs doesn’t make me more or less of a Republican; it makes me part of a party where there is room for diverse voices, as there must be in a healthy democracy. Whether the tea party movement today or the reform party movement of the 1990s, the Republican Party has remained united. As for me, I will adhere to same 11th commandment as Ronald Reagan, ‘Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican’. The Republican Party will remain united in Mississippi as we ensure continued Republican control of this senate seat and work for a Republican majority that will defeat Harry Reid and his liberal allies.”

Clarion Ledger