Mississippi Higher Ed Commissioner on McDaniel: I am deeply concerned

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Mississippi Commissioner of Higher Education Hank Bounds is raising questions about comments made by GOP Senate hopeful Chris McDaniel.

Bounds said Monday, “I am deeply concerned by the comment that not only should the U.S. Dept. of Education be abolished, but federal dollars should not flow to the states, because the word ‘education’ is not in the Constitution.”

Bounds, who oversees the Mississippi public four-year university system, was referring to a comment made by McDaniel at an April 10 campaign event in Jackson.

“The word ‘education’ is not in the Constitution. Because the word is not in the Constitution, it’s none of their business,” McDaniel said. “The Department of Education is not constitutional,” McDaniel said.

Bounds said McDaniel’s stance could affect $2 billion in federal dollars for elementary and secondary education.

“There’s been a lot said about the $800 million that goes to K-12… The truth of the matter is, that number is closer to $2 billion,” said Bounds. “The $800 million goes to funding vulnerable citizens, children with disabilities.”