MS House of Representatives Coast Delegation Speaks Against “Empty” Senate BP Bill

JACKSON, Miss.—Members of the MS House of Representatives Coast Delegation Tuesday released a statement against Senate Bill 2634, the bill that simply creates an account to hold the BP Oil Spill Settlement funds. The money is currently being collected and is held in an account with the Department of Finance and Administration.

“We have stated on multiple occasions that we want to maximize the use of the money from the BP settlement on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” the MS House of Representatives Coast delegation said in a statement. “The Senate has sent us a bill that does nothing to move us in the direction of helping the Coast. It doesn’t say how the money will be spent, or for what purposes the money will be used.

“Our position is to continue to find a way to properly and effectively spend the money that the state will receive from the BP settlement,” they continued. “Until there is a bill before us that accomplishes that goal, we would rather the funds grow in the state’s accounts.

“No action is better than passing a bill that only gives the appearance of action,” they concluded.


MS House of Representatives Coast Delegation

Rep. Jeramey Anderson (D-District 110)

Rep. David Baria (D-District 122)

Rep. Manly Barton (R-District 109)

Rep. Richard Bennett (R-District 120)

(List continued on second page)

Rep. Charles Busby (R-District 111)

Rep. Carolyn Crawford (R-District 121)

Rep. Scott DeLano (R-District 117)

Rep. Casey Eure (R-District 116)

Rep. Jeffrey Guice (R-District 114)

Rep. Greg Haney (R-District 118)

Rep. Timmy Ladner (R-District 93)

Rep. Randall Patterson (R-District 115)

Rep. John Read (R-District 112)

Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes (D-District 119)

Rep. Patricia Willis (R-District 95)

Rep. Henry “Hank” Zuber (R-District 113)