Mississippi House of Representatives Pass Election Code Legislation

Today, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed three (3) key pieces of Election Code Legislation. “We are so pleased with the bipartisan vote,” says Secretary Hosemann. “Today, Mississippi turned a one hundred and twenty-five (125) year old page in our history because we trust each other.”

H.B. 809 (sponsored by Rep. Bill Denny) allows for online voter registration. This legislation allows any qualified Mississippi elector to register to vote or change their existing voter registration record through a secure website established by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

H.B. 796 (sponsored by Rep. Bill Denny) implements a pre-election day voting period which would begin fourteen (14) days before and continue until 12:00 p.m. on the Saturday immediately preceding Election Day. Voting must take place in the Circuit Clerk’s Office where the elector is registered to vote.

H.B. 797 (sponsored by Rep. Bill Denny) includes technical updates to the Election Code including the implementation of a certified poll manager training program, the staggering of election commissioner’s terms and reduction in the number of paper ballots required to be printed and machines to be used.

“I was very pleased the election bills passed and in the manner in which they passed- with overwhelming votes and support,” says Rep. Bill Denny (R-Jackson). “The Secretary of State’s Office, the study group, and my committee have been working on this issue for over two (2) years.”

“I think all three of the election bills that we passed today are a testament to what can occur when all parties brought to the table try to move our elections process forward,” says Rep. Toby Barker (R-Hattiesburg). “I appreciate the Secretary of State’s leadership on this issue and look forward to it being considered in the Senate.”

“It took a lot of hard work from the election committee and bipartisan cooperation to get it done,” stated Rep. Willie Baily (D-Greenville). “We took care of our homework before we brought it out.”

“Updating our outdated election laws is a huge step to ensure clean and fair elections in Mississippi,” says Rep. Cory Wilson (R-Madison). “I am happy to support Secretary Hosemann and his team for the significant work in moving us forward.”