The Mississippi House Republican Caucus elected the following to leadership positions today:

Republican Caucus Leader: Philip Gunn
Republican Caucus Chairman: Greg Snowden
Republican Caucus Whip: Mark Formby
Republican Caucus Vice-Chairman: Wanda Jennings
Republican Caucus Secretary: Jessica Upshaw
Republican Caucus Treasurer: Andy Gipson
Republican Deputy Whip: Brian Aldridge
Republican Deputy Whip: Charles Busby
Republican Deputy Whip: Randy Boyd
Republican Deputy Whip: Gary Chism
Republican Deputy Whip: Becky Currie
Republican Deputy Whip: Hank Lott
Republican Deputy Whip: Steve Massengill
Republican Deputy Whip: Kevin McGee

“The House Republicans have chosen a great group to help lead the party in the House for the next four years,” remarked Speaker Philip Gunn. “I look forward to working with each and every one of them, and I know they will be very strong assets in promoting conservative legislation in this chamber.”

“I congratulate the men and women elected today to these important positions,” added Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. “Along with Speaker Gunn, they will help guide the House in a conservative direction over the next four years.”

MSGOP Press Release