Chaney Named One of Top 100 Insurance Professionals of 2013
Reappointed to Chair Key NAIC Leadership Committee

JACKSON – Mississippi Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney has been named one of the top insurance professionals of 2013 by Insurance Business America Magazine. The introduction of the magazine’s special January/February issue of Hot 100 Insurance Professionals of 2013 states that every person on the list “brought their A-game to the job – and then gave a little more.”

Chaney has the distinction of being the only State Insurance Commissioner on a list that is comprised of company presidents, CEO’s and experts; a governor; state and national legislators; and industry information executives.

“I am especially honored to be included on such a prestigious list, ” Chaney said, “In Mississippi we have tried to set sound policies and procedures that benefit not only the business community but also protects the consumers of Mississippi and it’s good to see others recognize that.”

His leadership and dedication to resolving issues facing insurance regulators has also led the officers of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to once again choose Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney to a key leadership position.

For the fourth consecutive year, Chaney has been named chairman of the NAIC’s influential Property and Casualty Insurance (C) Committee by the leadership of the national group. The NAIC is the organization of state insurance regulators for all 50 of the United States, Washington D.C., and five US territories.

“Commissioner Chaney’s leadership at the NAIC—and particularly in the Property and Casualty Committee—is an asset to state insurance regulation. I’m pleased that he’s agreed to serve a fourth term as committee chair,” said Adam Hamm, NAIC President and North Dakota Insurance Commissioner.

The Property and Casualty Committee deals with insurance issues and regulations for catastrophe insurance, crop insurance, earthquakes, terrorism, title insurance, workers’ compensation, surplus lines and risk retention, among many other issues. The mission of the committee is to monitor and respond to regulatory issues associated with property and casualty insurance including their delivery and cost.

The committee has four task forces that report to it and eight working groups to assist with deliberations.

Because of its geographic location, Mississippi has to deal with the threat of not only hurricanes, but also tornadoes, flooding and earthquakes.

“It is my honor to once again serve as chairman of this prestigious NAIC committee. There are many property and casualty challenges this committee faces, we have worked hard in previous years and I welcome the opportunity to continue that work,” Chaney said.

“I believe the NAIC leadership’s faith in me is grounded in the hard work and expertise the Mississippi Insurance Department continues to demonstrate when dealing with catastrophic losses and other property and casualty issues. This position and my other committee memberships give us the ability the better address insurance problems that affect all Mississippians and be at the forefront of finding solutions to those problems.”

In addition to the chairmanship of the property and casualty committee, Chaney will also serve the NAIC as a member of the Health Insurance and Managed Care (B) Committee, the Financial Condition Committee (E), the NAIC/State Government Liaison Committee, the Senior Issues Task force and the Antifraud Task Force.

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