Legislative budget proposal would cut most budgets

Legislative Budget Recommendation

Some highlights of the fiscal 2017 state spending proposal adopted by the Legislature’s budget committee on Tuesday:

Projects weak revenue growth of 1.9 percent.
Is only a first step in setting a more than $6 billion state budget; the full Legislature will have the final say starting in January.
Meets statutory requirement of a “balanced budget” but does not address several major spending issues, such as a projected $71 million deficit for Medicaid or fulfilling terms of a settlement over the state’s troubled foster care system.
Would spend $6.186 billion, or $101.8 million less than fiscal 2016.
Includes raises previously approved for Highway Patrol and Supreme Court justices.
Includes slight cuts for most of the state’s large agencies.

Agency funding (amount, percent change):

Mississippi Adequate Education Program, $2.241 billion, 0%
Medicaid, $962 million, -0.3%
Institutions of Higher Learning: $404 million, -3% (cut is from end of multi-year capital projects funding)
University of Mississippi Medical Center: $187 million, -0.9%
Debt service: $392.7 million, 0%
Corrections: $340 million, -1.5%
Community Colleges: $254.7 million, -2.7 percent
Mental Health: $243.4 million, -0.7 percent
General education: $170 million, -3.1%
Human Services: $148.1 million, -2.8 percent