One More Question for Michael Guest: Why Didn’t you Prosecute Ed Peters?

You can ask Madison-Rankin DA Michael Guest one question—what would it be? If you’re like me, it would be why hasn’t he prosecuted Ed Peters for conspiring to bribe Bobby DeLaughter?

But if you’re Clarion-Ledger columnist Sid Salter, it would be questions like “what’s your favorite color?” Here is Salter’s Sunday morning with Michael Guest. Questions included soft-balls such as “what attracted you to the job of District Attorney” and “tell us about your childhood.”

Inexplicably, Salter did not ask Guest why he did not bring charges against Ed Peters for conspiracy. Peters, Joey Langston, Steve Patterson and Tim Balducci met at the Jackson or Madison airport to discuss the bribing Judge Bobby DeLaughter. Both the Jackson and Madison airports are in Guest’s jurisdiction.

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