With Teachers Getting Laid Off, Legislature Gives D.A.’s a Raise

You’ve got to give it to the Mississippi Legislature for sheer unpredictability. With teachers across the state facing layoffs due to budget shortfalls, you would not think that any state employees are getting raises from the legislature. You would be wrong.

Check out Senate Bill 2610, which authorizes raises of as much as $8,300 per year to District Attorneys and lesser amounts to legal assistants and criminal investigators. The bill authorizes the D.A.’s to pay themselves the raises from office-generated funds, county funds, municipality funds, federal funds, grants or private foundations. So pretty much wherever they can find some money, they can use it to pay themselves.

This bill promises to be rather unpopular with other segments of the population, such as teachers and state court judges. Mississippi’s woefully underpaid state court judges have been unsuccessfully trying to get a pay raise out of the legislature for years.

Miss. Lit Review