Statements from Romney Campaign State Co-Chair Stacey Pickering and State Finance Chair Randy James following Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus

“Mitt Romney is the best candidate to defeat President Obama,” said State Auditor Stacey Pickering, State Co-Chair of Romney’s presidential campaign. “The win in Iowa will drive momentum into New Hampshire and South Carolina. Governor Romney and Mississippians have shared moral values and Mississippians are supportive of a candidate with the experiences and skills needed to turn our economy around and create jobs. Governor Romney has a proven track record, and I look forward to having him as our nominee for president.”

“Mitt Romney’s campaign is well positioned to withstand a national campaign and be successful through a long primary process,” said Randy James, State Finance Chair of Romney’s campaign. “The Romney campaign had a very successful fundraiser during his first Mississippi campaign stop in late November, and we look forward to helping ensure he has the resources to become our next president.”

Stacey Pickering Press Release