Mississippi Senate passes execution secrecy bill

The names of employees and family members at an execution, as well as the pharmacy providing lethal drugs, would be kept secret under a bill passed Tuesday by the Mississippi Senate.

Senate Bill 2237 passed 32-18, but it was held for the possibility of more debate before moving to the House…

…Tindell said Attorney General Jim Hood’s office had warned of anonymous threats and harassing phone calls in which execution team members where called “murderers.”

“We’ve had honest, hard-working Mississippi residents who have refused to work on the execution team because of fear for the safety of their families and concerns about retaliation inside and outside the prison,” Hood said in a statement. “As long as we have the death penalty in Mississippi, we have a responsibility to protect the state employees who assist in carrying out executions. The businesses that agree to supply lethal injection drugs must also be free from the intimidation and strong-arm tactics of some anti-death penalty activists.”