Senate ends session; House set to wrap Thursday

The state Senate finished its work for the 2015 legislative session and left Jackson on Wednesday, with the House staying to tie up some loose ends this morning.

“What’s left of your money and freedom are safe for another nine months — we’ve adjourned sine die (end of session)!” Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, sent as a parting tweet Wednesday….

…The House GOP leadership had also planned to end the session on Wednesday. But after heated debate and passage of a bill to provide criminal penalties when schools are caught cheating on statewide tests, several lawmakers held it on a motion to reconsider.

Under House rules, the chamber cannot take up the motion to reconsider until today.

“I made every attempt that I could to save the taxpayers some money and not have to come back tomorrow,” House Speaker Philip Gunn said Wednesday. “… We have to come back tomorrow because Democrats held (a bill) on a motion to reconsider.”