Bill intended to reduce administration costs, increase classroom investment

JACKSON – The Mississippi Senate consolidated the administrations of nine school districts, allowing the newly formed entities to eliminate duplicate services and direct more tax dollars into the classroom, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said today.

The bills head to the House for consideration.

“Consolidating districts is about putting more money in the classroom and less in the district office,” Lt. Gov. Reeves said. “It’s about providing more resources for the students and improving their educational opportunities. Combining districts allows these communities to draw on a larger tax base to direct more money to classroom needs such as teachers, AP classes or technology.”

Since 2012, the Legislature has reduced the number of school districts to 144 from 152.

The bills passed today include:

Senate Bill 2495 that combines districts of Montgomery County, which has 273 students; Carroll County, which has 1,035 students; and Winona, which has 1,123 students.
Senate Bill 2497 that consolidates Houston School District, which has 1,781 students, and Okolona Separate School District, which has 690 students, into the Chickasaw County School District, which has 512 students.
Senate Bill 2500 that dissolves Lumberton Public School District, which has 585 students, and merges it with neighboring Poplarville and Lamar County districts, which have 1,927 and 9,996 students, respectively.