Republican National Convention Platform Committee Update

I have just left the Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs subcommittee of the Republican National Convention Platform Committee. We reviewed:
• job creation,
• small business and entrepreneurship,
• tax relief to grow the economy and create jobs,
• lowering tax rates,
• cost control spending and balancing the budget,
• the housing crisis, and
• infrastructure, trade and the workforce.

From a very good first draft, the subcommittee had lengthy discussions and debates to improve and clarify our party’s recommendation and platform. The product of those discussions will be passed by the complete platform committee. I believe Mississippians will be pleased with the product. It is difficult to have all of the issues and solutions in nine pages, single-spaced. We were not able to have some issues and solutions in the document, but most of what we need to do is there, can be expanded during the election process, and then hopefully in the governing process. We will send updates as we go along. Thanks, Delbert.

MS SOS Delbert Hosemann