Mississippi Speaker of the House Philip Gunn is unopposed in his bid for reelection in 2015.

With Democrats scurrying around trying to appear as if they have a real chance in winning back the majority they lost just four years ago, Gunn will be free to hit the campaign trail and support his Republican colleagues.

Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden, however, did not escape unopposed.

Snowden will face perennial candidate William Bond Compton, Jr., of Meridian, a last minute qualifier. Compton is running as a Democrat.

Compton has run for governor twice and once each for U.S. Senate and mayor. If YP’s research is accurate Compton has never managed to win or, with multiple candidates, ever to make a primary runoff.

In the mayor race, Compton described himself as “the casino gambling candidate.” When he ran for Governor, Compton advocated for increasing the cigarette tax and raising the minimum wage.

Given Snowden’s position in leadership and his running against such an also ran Democrat candidate, it’s hard to fathom both of the top Republican leaders not winning reelection.