The Mississippi Tea Party is a non-partisan association of independent Tea Parties from around
the state of Mississippi. Our chapters are the 912 Project Hattiesburg, Central MS Tea Party,
Leflore/Carroll Tea Party, Madison County Tea Party, Meridian Tea Party, Starkville Tea Party,
Southwest MS Tea Party, Vicksburg Tea Party, and MS Gulf Coast 912 Project. In addition we
work and coordinate with another eight to ten tea party groups in the state. We believe that it is
the principles of constitutionally limited government, free market principles, and fiscal
responsibility, fundamental concepts embedded in the Declaration of Independence and in the
U.S. Constitution, that allowed its citizens to be the freest people in history and our country to
become the most prosperous and powerful the world has ever seen. We further believe that the
abandoning and perverting of those principles is a root cause for our current decline. The Tea
Parties exist to promote those principles and not any political party. We are truly a grass roots
non-partisan organization.

When the Tea Parties from across Mississippi looked at the qualifications, experience, and
platforms of the two principle candidates for Governor of Mississippi, we find a great deal of
contrast between the two men.

Mayor Dupree voted for and supports President Obama who promised to “fundamentally
change” this country and is vigorously pursuing that goal. Mayor Dupree is for Obamacare
which wrecks our health care system, burdens us with many new taxes, destroys free enterprise,
and robs us of fundamental freedoms. He is also against the Voter Identification initiative, is
against having an Arizona style Immigration bill but is for Local Option Sales Taxes increases.
Most concerning to us is that Mayor Dupree is deeply involved in promoting the goals of the
United Nations Agenda 21 through such organizations as ICLEI and other front organizations.
The stated objective of UN Agenda 21 is the elimination of all private property making it one of
the most destructive activities in our country today.

In short Mr. Dupree is a Liberal whose political beliefs will only bring more hardship and loss of
freedom upon the citizens of Mississippi.

Lt. Governor Bryant did not vote for President Obama and has opposed the President’s anti-
freedom anti-prosperity legislation and actions. Specifically, he not only voiced opposition to
Obamacare but personally filed suit against it. As Lt. Governor he championed legislation that
would protect Mississippians from Obamacare and other such federal mandates. He fought
against the loss of jobs to illegal immigrants through his support of Arizona style legislation. He
supports the Personhood Amendment and other Pro-Life legislation that protects the most
vulnerable lives of all races and economic status. And, he has supported the Voter ID initiative
and legislation to prevent the watering down of every person’s vote through voter fraud.

Most telling of Mr. Bryant’s political character is that he fought at great personal political risk to
assure Mississippians of a fair redistricting plan. This kind of political courage is rarely seen. In
taking that stand he demonstrated that he would put doing what is right above personal benefit.

We think that it is plain to see that these two men have very different philosophical and political
views and in commitments to where they want to take Mississippi. In short Johnny Dupree is a
devout Liberal whose policies will stunt both prosperity and freedom in Mississippi. Phil Bryant
is a Conservative whose beliefs in the principles of American freedom given to us by the
Founding Fathers will release Mississippians to prosper and to pursue their dreams with less
interference from government.

Because Phil Bryant has proven himself to be a true friend of the beliefs that the Tea Parties are
fighting for I am pleased to announce that the Mississippi Tea Party and its chapters are
supporting Phil Bryant to be our next Governor.

And because of the trust we have in him that he will fulfill his promises it is my honor and
sincere pleasure to allow Phil Bryant the claim November 8th of being “America’s First Tea
Party Governor”.

It is our sincere hope Mississippians will turn out in great numbers next Tuesday to vote for the
Conservative in the race Lt. Governor Phil Bryant.

“It IS about our fundamental values.”

Roy Nicholson
Mississippi Tea Party