A message to all members of The Mississippi Tea Party
Congratulations to all of us! As of today, we are 3,000 patriots strong
on the MS Tea Party Site.

Today, the liberal democrat Speaker of the House, Billy McCoy, released a
statement that demonstrates the House leadership’s stubborn refusal to work
with the Senate to create a fair, legal redistricting plan for the people
of Mississippi .

If the Senate declines to concur with their gerrymandered plan, but
instead invites conference, a joint conference would be the last opportunity for
the House and Senate to craft a legal plan. If the Speaker follows
through on his threat to refuse to appoint conferees, then the House leadership,
and no one else, will have failed to make every effort to meet their
constitutional duty to redraw districts for the next decade.
To show our strength and our appreciation for the senators who stand with
us, we are calling on all tea party patriots to meet in the Senate Gallery
at the Capitol tomorrow, Thurs., the 17th at 10 AM.
If you can, please plan now to join your MS Tea Party friends at the
capitol tomorrow in the Senate Gallery and in the halls as we show our
solidarity with the senators who support our principals.
And…. Congratulations on attaining 3000 Patriots!! Let’s continue to
grow the tea party.