The Mississippi TEA Party is pushing for passage of 4 bills in the Mississippi Legislature to help fight against the job killing effects of ObamaCare. All four are currently in the Insurance Committee’s of the House and the Senate, and must be released by TODAY – Tuesday, February 5, for a chance at becoming law.


House Bill 843 and Senate Bill 2512, both referred to as The Mississippi Health Care Freedom of Choice Act, would allow citizens the freedom to choose or decline health insurance. Senate Bill 2773 and House Bill 915would amend sections of Mississippi Code to revise the powers and duties of the Mississippi Health Insurance Risk Pool and forbid agents of the state from promoting or participating in ObamaCare or any health care system.

“Any of the these bills would protect the citizens and taxpayers of Mississippi from the bankrupting costs of ObamaCare,” said CMTP President Janis Lane. “President Obama said his healthcare plan would lower the cost of health insurance, but we see now that it is doing just the opposite. These lawmakers are to be commended for their efforts to protect taxpayers and job creators in Mississippi.”

SB 2773 and HB 915 is likely to have the most impact. The two bills are companion legislation. If either passes committee then the legislation would remain alive with the possibility of a future vote by the full legislature.

The bills would affectively take away the power now claimed by Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney to set up a state based insurance exchange that is set to bring ObamaCare to Mississippi. ObamaCare and the Mississippi Exchange will cost job creators and taxpayers thousands of dollars.

“This is a job killer, plain and simple,” says Lane. “Chaney’s state exchange triggers thousands of dollars in taxes and fines directly to Mississippi’s small businesses. Obama needs Chaney to get this done in Mississippi, and our Insurance Commissioner is going right along.”


Gary Chism, Chairman; Kelvin Buck, Vice-Chairman

Members: Charles Busby; Credell Calhoun; Scott DeLano; Reecy L. Dickson; Mark Formby; Andy Gipson; Jeffrey S. Guice; John W. Hines, Sr.; Brad Mayo; Tom Miles; Bobby Moak; John L. Moore; Omeria Scott; Jerry R. Turner; Tom Weathersby


Videt Carmichael, Chairman; Rita Potts Parks, Vice-Chairman

Members: Terry W. Brown; Nickey Browning; Eugene S. Clarke; Deborah Jeanne Dawkins; Angela Burks Hill; John Horhn; Kenneth Wayne Jones; Dean Kirby; Will Longwitz; Derrick T. Simmons; Tony Smith

Senate Vote to set up Obamacare Exchange (we need to BLOCK this!!)

DEADLINE IS TODAY TO GET BILLS OUT OF COMMITTEE!! We need to get a phone calling campaign to all the Senate Republicans to vote it down. Copy and paste this list into ONE email to ask the Senators to vote yes on SB 2775 to block Obama’s health insurance exchange in MS! Call your State Senator today and tell him to vote in favor of SB 2775 which blocks the creation of a HealthCare Exchange in MS. For contact info visit

Videt Carmichael , Rita Potts Parks , Terry Brown , Nickey Browning , Eugene S. Clarke , Deborah Jeanne Dawkins , Angela Burks Hill , John Horhn , Kenneth Wayne Jones , Nancy Adams Collins , Dean Kirby , Will Longwitz , Derrick T. Simmons , Tony Smith , Joey Fillingane , JP Wilemon Jr , David Blount , Steve Hale , W. Briggs Hopson III , John A. Polk


SB 2761 – 2nd Amendment. This is probably the best bill from The House. After talking with Chris McDaniel, he says me that a bill that would be the closest to enforcing would be one that would say no federal agent could force any Mississippian to aid in confuscation of privately owned weapons. It is SB 2761! I think he has a number of co-sponsors! Would be good to give heads up to House members. So that if they want to amend one of their bills with its philosophy we would have greater chance to get it passed. Call Lucien Smith and the Governor! It’s in the Ways and Means committee now. Here’s a partial email list: Jeffrey C Smith , Ray Rogers , Brian Aldridge, Mark Baker , Richard Bennett , …


Jeffrey C. Smith, Chairman; Ray Rogers, Vice-Chairman

Members: Brian Aldridge; Mark Baker; Richard Bennett; Edward Blackmon, Jr.; Chris Brown; Credell Calhoun; Gary Chism; Dennis DeBar; Tyrone Ellis; James Evans; Mark Formby; Andy Gipson; Eugene Forrest Hamilton; Esther Harrison; D. Stephen Holland; Stephen A. Horne; Sherra Hillman Lane; Bennett Malone; Rita Martinson; Brad Mayo; Bobby Moak; Alex Monsour; Thomas U. Reynolds; Omeria Scott; Ferr Smith; Gary V. Staples; Johnny W. Stringer; Jessica Upshaw; Tom Weathersby; Henry Zuber III

HB625 would make it a felony for any federal agent to try to enforce any ban on semi-automatic firearms in Mississippi!

TODAY is the deadline for bills to pass out of committee and all of the best pro-Second Amendment bills are still stuck! Call your representative today and tell him you want this bill to see the House floor!