Reeves reports biggest Miss. campaign cash balance

Finance records filed Friday in the secretary of state’s office show that Reeves, a Republican, ended 2009 with nearly $1.2 million campaign cash on hand.

Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who’s expected to run for governor, reported $619,092 cash on hand.

“I will admit I’m receiving a lot of encouragement to run for governor, to run for other offices,” Reeves said in a telephone interview Friday night.

He said he’ll sit down with his family in about the next six months to decide what to do next year. Some Republicans are also mentioning Reeves as a possible candidate for lieutenant governor.

“My first job, my boss taught me the best way for you to keep your current job or to get a promotion is one and the same — and that’s to do your current job well,” said Reeves, who’s in his second term as treasurer.

Clarion Ledger