For Immediate Release

April 18, 2017

MS Truth Journal exists to be a trusted voice of documented truth for the purpose of promoting rational, civil debate on current issues affecting the State of Mississippi. We are a grassroots, citizen-based organization whose method is to identify materially false or misleading statements contained in in news, radio, and social media journalistic reports. In response, MS Truth Journal will issue a public, factually documented article. At least annually, MS Truth Journal will identify and commend Mississippi-based journalists exhibiting high ethical standards and fair reporting based on factual information. In making these assessments, we will apply the Code of Ethics published by the Society of Professional Journalists.

Today MS Truth Journal is pleased to announce the inaugural membership of the MS Truth Journal Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is a skilled, diverse, and bipartisan group tasked with reviewing the MS Truth Journal Editor’s research and proposed factual publications. One of the main purposes of the Advisory Committee is to offer potentially different perspectives on the debate which may be generated by MS Truth Journal publications. MS Truth Journal thanks each of these volunteer members for their interest in supporting and promoting the First Amendment.

It is anticipated that through the growth of MS Truth Journal, additional departments and/or divisions may be added and incorporated into a public website which we expect to launch in the near term. Meanwhile, Mississippi citizens may contact MS Truth Journal by email at: [email protected] Please let us know about any materially false or misleading information in the press that affects Mississippi. Thank you!

Inaugural MS Truth Journal Advisory Committee Members:

J. Andrew Gipson, Editor, MS Truth Journal; Attorney, Lawmaker (Braxton, Mississippi)

Rita Purser, Retired Paralegal (Florence, Mississippi)

Ken Winter, President, Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police (Bruce, Mississippi)

Dr. Janice Sherman Brien, Retired Dentist (Magee, Mississippi)

Dewayne Richardson, Esq., District Attorney, 4th Circuit Court District (Leflore, Sunflower, Washington Counties, Mississippi)

Patrick Brown, Editor, Magee Courier/Simpson County News (Magee, Mississippi)

Justin Thornton, Student/Political Commentator (Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi)