Excerpt from Mississippi Democratic Party mass email:

Bobby Moak was one of the leaders in the Democratic-led legislature for over 30 years. Now, he’s reinventing his political influence. Moak is the new chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, a position most would find challenging in this red state. However, Moak brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in state government and politics.

These words came from a non-partisan group that usually looks Republican, or at least has views to the right, when they named Moak one of the 50 most influential Mississippians for 2016.

Seems the Democratic Party is setting the stage for moving Republicans to answer questions they don’t want to or can’t. Moak shared the stage last week at the Mississippi Economic Council’s annual statewide event, Hobnob, with Haley Barbour, Joseph Nosef, and Burns Strider. That same week, Governor Bryant threw Moak’s name in with national politicans who are red meat to the Republican rank and file.

What does that say about Democrats’ efforts over the past two months when the governor tries to stymie the sway Moak is achieving with his party? It looks like a good game of dodge by the governor, who is unable to answer any questions with clarity concerning his budget mess or the comments of his Republican nominee that other state elected Republicans have evidently adopted as their own.

It’s pretty clear the governor knows the Democrats are no longer in a wait-and-see mode, but instead are poised to act with renewed purpose and a detailed game plan.

Hearing only one side of an argument is never good for public policy. Let’s have a honorable and spirited debate of public policy issues that affect all of our daily lives. Let’s hear both sides so we can make up our own minds. It’s the best thing that can happen for our state.