Mississippi Democrat Party chairman Bobby Moak promotes The Parents Campaign in fundraising / support email. Read Moak’s email below:


The new year is in full swing and our state and federal legislature has kicked in gear. The best to our elected leaders as they work through issues that will be important to all of us during the coming year.

We will try to keep you informed this session as much as possible. There are several sites where you can find information but www.legislature.ms.gov will allow you to look up specific state legislative information. This site is controlled by the party in power. It in now up and running for the 2017 session.

Several state legislators and our congressman will be on their Facebook sites so join them. www.house.gov and www.senate.gov are the general sites for federal officials.


There will be specific issues that you are concerned with and we will try to keep you in the loop on those through our website at www.mississippidemocrats.org and searching under information for the latest updates that we can find on specific topics. You can also join us on Facebook. Not everything that you look for can be accommodated in this space but feel free to call or e- mail and we will try to get you the information requested.

There is no doubt the main issue this year will be the budget. With our current state budget in the red around $200M look for more cuts togeneral services. The Mississippi Democratic Trust will weigh in on this and other matters as the session progresses so join them on Facebook also.

Education faces a tough year in state funding and a site to keep you in the loop as to the issues and how your legislator voted is www.msparentscampaign.org

Don’t forget qualifying is open for municipal offices until March 3, 2017. We need you. Call us to get the information you need. 601-969-2913.

From roads and bridges, to jobs, filling budget holes and city elections this is destined to be a tumultuous year. As a citizen you need to be involved. Just an e- mail or phone call is sometimes all it takes to turn an issue around. We will call on you to help in some of those efforts in the coming days.

Thanks for all you do,

Chairman Bobby Moak