From Mississippi Democrat Party email:


Donald Trump found a comfortable group tonight when like-minded Mississippi Republican officials hosted him with a rally at the Coliseum. Front and center behind Mr. Trump was State Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith, one of the architects of the state beef plant fiasco. They all clapped for the political optics and tied their political fortunes to the Trump campaign’s record of disparaging women, minorities, and military families – just to name a few.

As if Mississippi’s Republican leadership’s own poor record of job losses, increased government spending, high unemployment, and a lowered economic outlook coupled with a budget mess they do not have the political courage to solve, this same group couldn’t wait to welcome a very special guest that helped usher in the same for our British cousins.


Called the “most stupid idea of the century” the British EU Referendum, or Brexit, continues to “cost UK companies billions if not trillions of pounds” and “the price will continue to be paid for years to come,” says The Independent. (8/23/16; J.Moore) The ongoing shock has led some financial analyst to predict the UK will slump into technical recession by the end of the year. (Sputnik International 8/24/16)

Donald Trump and local friends were selling those same ideas in Jackson, Mississippi tonight when they highlighted the leader of the EU’s exit vote, by having Nigel Farage, speak to the rally. The Farage speech boasted immigration as an important base issue for the successful vote. However, that may have been lost on Trump.

You see Trump has wilted (imagine that) on his immigration stance from removing 11 million immigrants in the US to following the Obama approach. He said “…Obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country.” “Lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws. Well, I’m going to do the same thing.” (MPB; Detrow; 8/23/16)

Not much good news tonight from this rally for average Mississippians looking for jobs or economic upturn. Mr. Trump noted, “Mississippi has lost 40 percent of its manufacturing base,” since the Fordice administration. But there is a plan we can all work together on.

Join Democrats in offering logical and reasoned approaches to help solve issues right here at home. You must be the one to send the message that it takes all of us working together.



Chairman Bobby Moak