Mississippi Democrat Party chairman Bobby Moak appeared on the Paul Gallo Show on SuperTalk Radio Tuesday morning to discuss his party and the current politics both in state and on the national level. Along the way, Moak did his best to run away from the national party’s positions.

Gallo questioned Moak on the Democrats’ party platform in the wake of new DNC chair Tom Perez’s remarks which called for all Democrats to be pro-choice.

Moak didn’t seem to want to discuss the party platform, and when he did he was either uninformed on what the platform said or was trying his best to paint it in a rosy way on statewide radio, trying to separate his state party from their national positions.

It should be noted that Moak and his state party delegation supported Perez for DNC chairman.

Listen to the interview beginning around the 22:15 mark here.

As you listen, pull up the Mississippi Democrat Party platform they adopted in 2016. Read through the spin and carefully worded points crafted as best as they could so as not to directly turn off voters in this red state, especially on the issues of equality, women’s rights, and immigration, and see if you think the state party aligns with their national counterparts.

Click here for the full platform.