From the Mississippi Democrat Party mass email:


United States Senators and Representatives are back home spending time in their districts during this time of recess from the Capitol. One of the activities taking place in almost all states is town hall meetings attended by their respective members of Congress, except here in Mississippi.

Our national elected officials have not scheduled district or state constituent meetings here at home. Instead, if there have been any town halls they have been organized around the state by concerned citizens where Senators and the local Representative has been invited. There has not been acceptance of invitations or attendance by any officials at these meetings.

There has been a misconception that these meetings are set ups to embarrass elected officials. It is also been suggested the ordinary folks attending these meetings are paid by some unknown source. The problem with both of these claims is that they lack a basis in fact. Those persons repeating this spin should step forward with some proof.

These town hall meetings have been set up by folks because elected officials, save the 2nd Congressional District, have not seen fit to take it upon themselves to meet with constituents. All these organizers want to do is ask questions like; Why did you vote to allow the sale of my internet usage to private companies, make it easier to sell public land, or allow my child to be removed from my health plan?

These elected officials are adults that sought votes to represent everyone. Not all meetings with constituents may be as fun as having a steak dinner with a lobbyist back on the Hill, but it is a duty they assumed when they were elected by the people.

It is a basic tenant of our representative form of government that electors want to at least be informed on the issues. If an elected official put enough effort and thought into making a particular vote, it is not too much to ask that they expound on the reasoning why a particular vote was made. It is time for these elected officials to grow up, do their duty and at least offer transparency on the process that we elected them to perform on our behalf without berating the citizens trying to find answers by inviting them to a community town hall meeting.