From the mass email sent from the Mississippi Democratic Party:

Let them vote!

Thursday and Friday, there will be a vote to allow the United Auto Workers (UAW) to organize at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi, facility. There has been a literal media storm by Nissan attempting to stop the vote altogether or alternatively asking the workers, who are the only voters, to vote no. That raises several issues.

Why stop the workers from having a vote?
If the UAW is allowed to have a chapter in the facility, it does not mean workers must join.

How much does it cost to join the union?
If a worker puts in 40 hours per week, then about the cost of 1.25 hours’ salary.

What does the union offer?
The opportunity to negotiate contracts that could include vacation, sick, or maternity leave among many other items. Many benefits workers enjoy today such as weekends off, 40 hour work weeks, the end of child labor, and workplace safety protections exist because union organization made it happen.

Will having the UAW in the facility close it or lose any jobs?
Negative. That has never been an issue.

Isn’t Mississippi a Right to Work state?
Yes, but that just means employers can fire employees for no reason at all, even if you are doing an outstanding job.

Who else are members of a union?
TV actors, movie stars, professional sports players, some casino employees, the folks that work for some telephone and electric companies, shipyard workers building our Navy ships, airline pilots, beer brewers, hotel maids, and restaurant workers – just to name a few – including your family, neighbors, and friends.

Let the workers at Nissan be allowed the democratic process to have a fair vote on a serious matter that affects their working career and families everyday.