From MS Democrat email:


Polls are a snapshot in time. Some people believe every one they read while other folks dismiss every one they read.

This is one poll that came to our attention today. You can select a state and different categories such as race, age, education, etc. by scrolling through the information while reading about the polling criteria and methodology.

This is the second poll we have seen that shows a tightening of the presidential race in Mississippi. We are working hard to make an impact in this race by honorably discussing issues.

Our Young Democrats are doing great work by registering four thousand new voters across Mississippi in just three weekends! That does not count those newly registered by other groups within our party.

We have a plan to grow our base, and we will continue to execute it. We understand success comes when we all work together so we like to say that we hunt as a pack.

Join the pack and be a part of our Yellow Dog Hunting Club today!


Click here for the YouGov Election Model used in this email.