From the Mississippi Democrat Party email:

“First of all, we want to thank you for an overwhelming response on our call for matching donations. We owe our donors, supporters, and friends a tremendous amount of thanks for this outcry of support. But we’re not finished yet.

“You see, the remarks just keep coming from Senator McDaniel and he hasn’t yet realized the fire that has been started. In response to the mind boggling display of ignorance on the part of Senator McDaniel, thousands of Mississippians have called, emailed and contributed to show him that his outrageous comments have no place in our state. Well, he apparently got the message. But instead of apologizing, he doubled down, telling us “radicals” to “bring it.”…

“…If you live in Mississippi or not, this rhetoric shows an amazing lack of understanding of women’s health issues and is plain insulting to many regular folks. Help us double down on our message to Senator McDaniel by signing our thank you card for being our biggest fundraiser this month! Every dollar you contribute will go towards our effort to expand our capacity, grow our party and fight back against Republicans like Chris McDaniel.”