Excerpt from MSGOP email:

The latest campaign finance reports are in and it doesn’t take much analysis to see that Jim Hood’s supporters are not Mississippi citizens. In fact, nearly 80% of his donations come from out-of-state and more than 66% comes from groups with interests that don’t necessarily line up with Mississippi’s interests. Take a look at the numbers:

79.1% of all donations come from out-of-state
48.1% ($733,600) of all donations come from the Democratic Attorneys General Association
12.8% ($194,750) of all donations come from individuals and firms to whom Jim Hood has handed public contracts
5.3% ($81,000) of all donations come from labor unions.

Now, you may recall that the New York Times did some investigative reporting last December and found that Jim Hood is leading the pack when it comes to Attorneys General who contract out work to outside firms and also leading the pack in the amount of campaign contributions he rakes back in from trial lawyers. From that article:

In no place has the contingency-fee pratice fourished more than in Mississippi, where lawyers hired by Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat, have collected $57.5 million in fees during the last two years — three times as much as Mr. Hood has spent on running his state office during the same period.

Mr. Hood has taken in $395,000 in campaign contributions from trial law firms over the last decade, more than any other attorney general.

It makes you wonder just who Jim Hood is working for. No question who Mike Hurst will work for. He shares Mississippi values and he’ll stand up for Mississippians against Obama’s federal overreach. And, with President Obama talking about ordering sweeping new gun control by executive fiat, we really need an Attorney General who is there for us. Check out Mike Hurst’s latest campaign ad (https://youtu.be/3i8tbQ1jqiI). And, vote Mike Hurst for Attorney General on November 3rd.