Last week was one of the biggest political news weeks in recent history, with the reignited debate over our state flag and U.S. Supreme Court decisions upholding Obamacare and requiring states to recognize gay marriage. Mississippi’s Republican leaders were engaged on the issues, responding to queries from constituents and the media, issuing statements, and announcing potential next steps in light of the decisions.

Bobby Moak, on the other hand, rather than engaging the issues, spent the week sending out swanky invitations to a “late afternoon reception,” July 7th, on Highway 30A in Seagrove Beach, FL, and issuing a written plea for money in the bizarre form of a review of the upcoming film The Free State of Jones starring Matthew McConaughey.

On the issues of the flag and gay marriage, as the Clarion Ledger put it, “. . . crickets.” Silence from the state Democrat Leader. And on the issue of Obamacare, merely a statement to reporters in favor of Medicaid expansion.

Perhaps the reason Bobby Moak is not talking about the issues is because he doesn’t want to remind people back home how far and irreversibly left his Party has veered under President Obama, forcing upon Mississipians the job-killing, rate-hiking, government takeover of health care that is Obamacare and liberal social policies.

At any rate, it’s time for Republicans across the state to unite and vote out Democrats like Bobby Moak, and send a clear and resounding message that in today’s Mississippi, you can be a conservative or a Democrat, but you can’t be both.