Chairman Joe Nosef Comments on Trent Kelly’s Election to Congress

JACKSON—MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef issued the following statement on Trent Kelly’s victory yesterday evening in the First Congressional District special election:

“I want to congratulate Trent Kelly on a hard-fought campaign and a well-deserved victory. Having known Trent for some time, I am confident that he will represent the First Congressional District with dignity, honor, and class, continuing the legacy of his predecessor, the late Alan Nunnelee.

I also want to thank the many volunteers and local Republican leaders who for the second time in a matter of weeks turned out the vote in support of Republican candidates. At a time of year when many people are traveling or not thinking about elections, these tireless servants made sure that voters understood the great importance of this election.

This 40 percent-margin blowout election win is a sobering dose of reality for the Democrat leadership who only days ago were claiming the MSGOP was in ‘disarray’ and lecturing Governor Bryant on the ineffectiveness of his endorsements. Governor Bryant enjoys a 96% approval rating among Republicans and 72% among all voters, so Democrats should prepare to see him all across the state this year helping defeat even more of their out of touch candidates.

Our Party is stronger than ever now, thanks to how successful our GOP team has been running our state’s government in a conservative, effective manner.”