Republican Party Update: Big Debate, Primaries, What’s Next for the GOP

“I’m proud to see our party unified,” says Nosef.

Even through the presence of mudslinging in the Republican primary, Nosef says there was a big difference this time around from the Senate primaries last year.

“The target was each other, not the party,” says Nosef. When asked about the outcome of the Democratic primary, which won unknown-until-then truck driver Robert Gray the democratic nomination for Governor, Nosef says he can’t figure it out any more than the democratic party can.

“I honestly don’t know what happened there,” Nosef says, “but the chaos on their side has invigorated the Republican party like ever before.” Nosef predicts a clean sweep for statewide elected offices, even the Attorney General’s office.

“I’m not saying Jim Hood won’t put up a fight,” says Nosef, “but I think Mike Hurst can win.”