A Crowd of Conservatives in Mississippi

“A Republican is gonna win,” says Nosef. “The question is, which Republican is it going to be?”

You might expect Nosef, as the chairman of the Mississippi Republican party, to say that. But it’s not just partisan bluster. Though there are no party identifications on the special election ballot, of the 13 candidates vying to represent the state’s First Congressional District, and all but one of them are Republicans. (The top two vote-getters will most likely proceed to a June 2 runoff). The lone Democrat, Walter Zinn, got in the race at the last minute, and while Democrats have represented the First as recently as 2011, Mississippi has grown increasingly friendly to the GOP. Mitt Romney won 62 percent of the vote in the district, which has a R+16 tilt. Republican Alan Nunnelee won a third term in November with 68 percent support….

…At the moment, the two strongest Republicans in the race are Mike Tagert and Boyce Adams.

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