Jackson, Miss. – Republican Party Chairman Brad White issued the following statement today on the remarks made by Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Franks regarding Governor Haley Barbour’s budget recommendations:

“Jamie Franks shows us the difference between big government, big spending Democrats and the prudent reforms presented by Governor Haley Barbour.”

“Governor Barbour presented a comprehensive recommendation to balance the budget, improve the delivery of services, and not raise taxes. That’s real leadership. And the Governor said he’s willing to listen to other proposals and work with other perspectives, but Mr. Franks offers no constructive proposals, only negative attacks and tired political rhetoric. Mr. Franks presents no ideas, no vision, and no solution to Mississippi’s budget challenges. I’m sure Governor Barbour fully expects to work with a number of Democrats to hammer out a balanced budget and recognizes that Mr. Franks does not speak for them.

“The governor will have to make more cuts to our current budget, next year’s budget will be even tighter, and 2012 looks to be even worse. His reforms will balance our budget during these tough years, and when the recession ends, Mississippi will be better positioned to grow faster and stronger as a result – but not if we listen to Jamie Franks. His same old, tired, broken-down political rhetoric won’t pay the bills or balance the budget. He needs to sell his Obama-Pelosi style policies somewhere else because Mississippi is simply not buying them.”