While Jamie Franks says in a television ad that he doesn’t get his values from the National Democrat Party, his close connections to liberal National Democrats directly dispute that claim:

On the night of the Presidential Election of November 2, 2004, according to the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal newspaper, was Jamie Franks soaking up his values in Mooreville, Mississippi? No. Instead, Jamie Franks was at the Kerry-Edwards Campaign National Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was calling in glowing reports to the newspaper with election returns:

“Rep. Jamie Franks, D-Mooreville, was at the Kerry-Edwards Campaign National Headquarters in Boston. At 10 p.m., he said the mood was very upbeat. “We feel pretty good about things,” Franks said in a telephone conversation. “We just won Pennsylvania and we think when the West Coast comes in we’ll be in even better shape. Then it’ll come down to Florida and Ohio, and we’ll need just one of those.”

Source: No surprises: Bush carries NE Mississippi, 11/3/2004, Daily Journal

“Franks and his law partner, former state Rep. Bill Wheeler, were among about 200 supporters who dined with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Tuesday night in Boston. Wheeler, co-chair of Kerry’s campaign in Mississippi, was one of the senator’s top fund-raisers.”

Source: Bush backers see good link for Mississippi, 11/3/2004, Daily Journal

MSGOP Press Release

“Jamie Franks claims to have gotten his values from Mooreville, but apparently he doesn’t seem to think that’s much different from Massachusetts,” said Jim Herring, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. “It shouldn’t be surprising that Jamie Franks was one of an elite group dining with John Kerry in Boston, Massachusetts on election night since Franks gave $1000 to John Kerry’s campaign. And if Jamie Franks and John Arthur Eaves, Jr. get their way on November 6, I imagine Franks will return the dinner invitation by inviting John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, Barbra Streisand and all of the other liberal National Democrats to Mississippi.”