From the Mississippi Republican Party:


Our first Republican municipal Candidate in the Spotlight this week is Mike Bryan, Ward 6 Councilman in Tupelo.
Mr. Bryan is in his third term on the City Council, and was born and raised in Tupelo. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and is President of Insurance Management Group. He is a former high school football official for 23 years and past president of the district, past youth soccer coach, and a former member of the Board of Directors for Northeast Mississippi Red Cross. He is also a graduate of Leadership Mississippi, Class of 2009. 
Mr. Bryan has served as the City Council liaison on the Park and Recreation Advisory Board and as City Council President.
“During my time as Council president, I created the first ever Tupelo budget committee in an effort to streamline the budget process,” Mr. Bryan said.  “I appointed a 3 member committee to work with the administration to make the process more efficient. I will continue to cut wasteful spending to protect our citizen’s tax dollars.”
Mr. Bryan also made it a priority to keep the lines of communication open with council members and the administration, understanding that serious leadership is essential for Tupelo’s future.
During his tenure, Mr. Bryan was part of the team that promoted Tupelo as an All American City in 2011 and 2015. 
“Without leadership and inclusion you lose sight of moving Tupelo forward,” Mr. Bryan noted. “As a conservative Republican Councilman, I am committed to continuing to work with all my fellow council members, mayor and administration to achieve our goals.”
Mr. Bryan plans to continue to be a strong leader for Tupelo as the Ward 6 Councilman.  His focus is promoting economic growth, protecting property values, ensuring safe neighborhoods, and getting the best value for every tax dollar invested — all with the goal of boosting the quality-of-life for Tupelo’s citizens.

Our second Republican municipal Candidate in the Spotlight is William “Buddy” Zimmerman, candidate for Ward 5 Councilman in Bay St. Louis.
Mr. Zimmerman, a graduate from St. Stanislaus, has worked for 29 years in the Public Works Department for the City of Bay St. Louis. 
“If elected, I will rely heavily on my experience in the Bay St. Louis Public Works Department and my 15 years of experience in construction on projects such as Buccaneer Park, DuPont, GE Plastics, and the Army Ammunition Plant,” Mr. Zimmerman said.
He and wife of 25 years care deeply about children, serving as foster parents and making a positive difference in dozens of young lives.
Mr. Zimmerman is running as a Republican, noting his values did not align with the Democratic Party.
“Only recently I switched from being a lifelong Democrat to a Republican,” Mr. Zimmerman said. “I became upset with the Democratic Party’s views on abortion and started looking at the Republican Party, and the shoe fit. Being a lifelong working class family man, I realized I have always been a Republican. I will work tirelessly, using the love and passion I have for our community to guide my actions to make Bay St. Louis the best it can be, a place we can all be proud to call home.”
Mr. Zimmerman plans to serve the citizens of Bay St. Louis with great enthusiasm, knowing the best days are ahead for the city he calls home.