From Mississippi Republican Party email:



The Mississippi Republican Party has fielded candidates in more municipalities than ever before this election season, and we are proud to spotlight a few of these rising stars in the weeks ahead. 

Our first Republican municipal Candidate In the Spotlight is John Mosley, Jr., a candidate for Mayor of Moss Point. 
Mr. Mosley was educated at the University of Southern Mississippi and Excelsior College with a concentration in Finance. He has a combined 15 years of management, sales, customer service, and retail experience. He has owned three companies and has experience in the restaurant, security, logistics and facility management industries.
Mr. Mosley has also been active in the nonprofit and community sector. He joined CASA in 2010 and became a facilitator for the state of Mississippi.  He was appointed as director of a Mayoral Youth Committee under a previous administration in Moss Point. In that role, Mr. Mosley presided over meetings, dealt with community leaders, organized events, oversaw the budget and raised funds to support their mission in Moss Point. 
Mr. Mosley is proud to be running for Mayor of Moss Point as a Republican. 
“My family and I have always been socially and fiscally conservative in practice,” Mr. Mosley said. “I believe one should live below their means — within or under budget — and that there are certain standards within a society that should be maintained for the health of that society, namely faith, family, and pride of country.
“I believe in a free market – less government, less taxes, less regulated economy,” Mr. Mosley continued. “I believe the government should be small yet efficient, only what is necessary and vital to meet community needs. This will assist in preventing unwanted overreach in the lives of citizens in the future. I believe altruism to be an individual function and not that of the government.”
Mr. Mosley is campaigning with these principles in mind and will lead Moss Point to a new day if elected Mayor. 

Our second Republican municipal Candidate In the Spotlight is Darwin Nelson, a candidate for Mayor of Lucedale.
Mr. Nelson is the son of public school educators who followed in their footsteps, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and Athletic Administration and Coaching from the University of Southern Mississippi. He began his tenure in the George County School District in 1988 and worked as a history teacher, driver’s education instructor, and football, basketball, golf, and track coach. Both Mr. Nelson and his wife retired from education in 2015.
An award winning coach, Mr. Nelson has been the recipient of numerous accolades and achievements with two state golf titles in 4A and 5A in 2004 and 2005. In 2005 he was named “Golf Coach of the Year” for the state of Mississippi by the MHSAA and the MAC, and was selected for the “Luther Kuykendall Assistant Football Coach of the Year” award presented by the Gulf Coast Chapter of the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame in 2010.  
Mr. Nelson attends First Baptist Church of Lucedale where he has served as interim music director, an ordained deacon, and Sunday School Director. Mr. Nelson currently serves on the board and is a founding member of the Mississippi Songwriter’s Festival. He is also a sponsor of the Mississippi Songwriter’s Alliance. Mr. Nelson and his wife have been performing for audiences of all ages throughout Hattiesburg, Lucedale, and the southeastern part of the United States since 1984. The couple were honored to perform at President Donald J. Trump’s campaign rally in Jackson at the Mississippi Coliseum in 2016.
“I love being a citizen of Lucedale, but at this time in my life I feel it’s time to step up and take on this leadership role as Mayor,” Mr. Nelson said. “I think it’s obvious to most observers that our little town has hit a lull in growth and development. I want to see us thrive again and give people a reason to stop and stay in Lucedale.”