From the Mississippi Republican Party:

The Mississippi Republican Party has fielded candidates in more municipalities than ever before this election season, and we are proud to spotlight a few of these rising stars in the weeks ahead. 


Our first Republican municipal Candidate in the Spotlight this week is Mrs. Ann Lott, candidate for Ward 4 Alderman in Collins. 
Mrs. Lott is a graduate of Collins High School and is pursuing her degree in Business Administration at Belhaven University. She is a member of Cold Springs Baptist Church. 
Mrs. Lott has worked at Colonial Pipeline, the largest Petroleum Pipeline in the United States, for nearly a decade. She is also the mother of three children and a Mississippi Notary Public. She has served as the Secretary Treasurer of the Collins Mutual Aid Group for five years, a group which is comprised of the seven oil companies in Collins (Colonial Pipeline, Kinder Morgan, Chevron, PBF Energy, TransMontaigne, Motiva, and Valero). 
Mrs. Lott is a member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee and holds certifications in Emergency Response from Emergency Management Services International, FEMA, The Response Group, the American Heart Association and the Department of Homeland Security.
Over the years, Mrs. Lott has been recognized for her work in the community, project management, public awareness with emergency responders and United Way.
Her love for her town and its people drove her to seek the Ward 4 Alderman seat. 
“Having been a lifelong resident of Collins, I have deep roots here and care deeply for our small town heritage and embrace our ability to branch out and grow,” Mrs. Lott said. “I desire to seek growth in the Collins area, growth that is sustainable and makes an impact on daily lives for many years to come. We are a small city, but we are mighty!”
Mrs. Lott is proud to be the Republican nominee in her race and holds our conservative values dear. 
“The Republican Party passionately defends national security, promotes patriotism, and most importantly holds conservative, southern values in the highest regard,” Mrs. Lott added. “These values are all in alignment with my own personal convictions and direction for life as a citizen and a public servant.”


Our second Republican municipal Candidate in the Spotlight this week is Dr. Christopher Von Cockrell, a candidate for Ward 2 Councilman in Meridian.
Mr. Cockrell is a graduate of Meridian High School. After attending Mississippi Valley State, he accepted a call to ministry and went on to attend New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. He also attended Christian Bible College of Southeast Louisiana where he received his Master’s and Doctorate degrees. 
The impact of Mr. Cockrell’s parents on his life is a driving factor behind his running for office in Meridian. The Late Samuel Cockrell, Sr. and Mrs. Annie Cockrell were small business owners in the Magnolia area, leaving a legacy and a name that he is truly proud of today.  
“They instilled in us that we were to serve with compassion,” Mr. Cockrell said. “They taught us that you can accomplish more working with others than when you fight against them. They taught us to take on tough fights that will make a difference in the lives of people.”
This ethic of compassion is what led Mr. Cockrell to the Republican Party.
“I’m a Republican because I view myself as a compassionate conservative,” Mr. Cockrell said.
Mr. Cockrell wants to make a lasting difference in Meridian as its next Ward 2 City Councilman, leveraging his knowledge of the community and his relationships locally and across the state to help grow the Queen City and her people.
“This is where I grew up, where I was married, went to public school and my children started school,” Mr. Cockrell said. “My career took me out of Meridian to live in several cities where I obtained new contacts and developed skills that would make me the best candidate for this district at this time. I moved back here to live and to continue my family’s tradition of community-based public service.”
“I know what this city has to offer, and I know what Meridian is and has been,” Mr. Cockrell added, “but I also know what it has the potential to become, and that’s why I am running for Ward 2. I have a lifetime of experience and I want to put it to work for the people of Meridian.”