Major Contributor to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken & other Prominent Liberal Democrats is Mississippi Democrat Party’s Choice for Governor

Madison Trial lawyer Vicki Slater is the new standard bearer for the Mississippi Democrat Party as their candidate for Governor. Today’s announcement finally exposes the least well-kept secret in Mississippi politics over the last many years – today’s Democrat Party of Mississippi proudly forces voters to make a choice – you either can be a conservative or a democrat but you can’t be both anymore.

Based on her numerous contributions, it would be difficult to find another candidate more out of touch with the policies and ideals of hard-working Mississippi voters. With her thousands of dollars in contributions to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken and many other prominent, liberal Democrats, this year’s election for Governor may well offer the clearest choice between the Republican and Democrat candidates in the history of our state.

“Governor Phil Bryant has done an outstanding job leading Mississippi with conservative principles and therefore has a record to run on,” said Joe Nosef, Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, in response to Slater’s announcement

Chairman Nosef added, “the announcement of Vicki Slater as the Democrat candidate for Governor serves only to make clear the choice for voters up and down the ballot this fall. Do you want to vote for a party led by a Governor who has improved our economy, brought jobs to the state, and led the way in enacting innovative reforms to our public school system, or do you want to vote for a party led by a trial lawyer whose only political involvement has been giving large sums of money to national liberals. Even on this first day of the campaign, I think Mississippians can already see the very clear difference in the candidates for Governor.”