MSGOP – Travis Childers should have known sooner that he was going to vote no

“National reporters wonder whether Travis Childers will vote for or against Obamacare. But Mississippians in the First Congressional District already have their answer. If Travis Childers were a conservative, he would have already announced his opposition. If Travis Childers represented the will of his district, he would have already said ‘no’ to Nancy Pelosi. Were Travis Childers a Republican, he would be fighting against Obamacare not being wishy-washy on how he will vote. Voters have their answer already about Travis Childers: he is no conservative and he doesn’t represent their principles.”
“Republicans have three candidates running to oppose Childers in November and there is no doubt in my mind that each, were they in his position now, would have announced weeks, months, a year ago that they opposed this socialized health care plan.”

“Even if Travis Childers gets Pelosi’s permission to vote against the bill, it will be too late for him politically, because he will have already proven he is more interested in National Democratic Party politics than the principles of his district. This is not a difficult decision and Mississippians shouldn’t have to wonder about Travis Childers. I can promise you, voters won’t have to wonder if they elect a Republican to represent them because they will know they have elected a true conservative and not a Pelosi minion.”