From the Mississippi Republican Party mass email:

Here at the Mississippi Republican Party, you will often hear Chairman Nosef say: “Today in Mississippi, you can be a conservative or a Democrat, but you can’t be both.” This past Friday, we were once again reminded how true this has become.
Tom Perez, the new Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman declared “every Democrat” should be pro-choice — no exceptions. In fact, Mr. Perez believes that Heath Mello, a Democrat mayoral candidate in Omaha, had not been properly vetted when it was discovered he originally opposed abortion rights. This bold declaration that in order to be a Democrat, you must be pro-choice has even been disputed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi!

And Mr. Perez was the person viewed by those within the Democrat Party as having been the more moderate or mainstream candidate for DNC Chair, and has been publicly supported by the Mississippi Democrat Party.

It’s no wonder their Party’s favorability ratings — among Democrats — are at such a low point. Needless to say, but this isn’t your grandparents’ Democrat Party anymore.