On Thursday, the Mississippi House voted on HB555 that was designed to help reign in some outside counsel liberties that the Attorney General Jim Hood regularly takes. The bill failed 58-60. However, four House members abstained including three Republicans. Shane Aguirre (R-Tupelo), Roun McNeal (R-Leakesville) and Noah Sanford (R-Collins) all “took a walk” and abstained. Had they voted with their party, the bill would have passed.

The bill is currently being held on a Motion to Reconsider and those that “took a walk” as well as Republicans that voted “no” will likely get another chance to let their yeas be a yea and their nays be a nay.

Republicans that voted “no” are
Rep. Toby Barker
Rep. Donnie Bell
Rep. John Glen Corley
Rep. Steve Horne
Rep. Mac Huddleston
Rep. Trey Lamar
Rep. Steve Massengill
Rep. Ken Morgan
Rep. Randall Patterson
Rep. Margaret Rogers
Rep. William Shirley
Rep. Gary Staples
Rep. Jody Steverson
Rep. Jason White

It’s our #msleg . . . #billoftheday.